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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Do you have this symptom?

Our treatment is focused on the problem of extreme tiredness in previously healthy and active people. Often the person feels fine unless they exert themselves in any way - their lives become moments of brief activity followed by longer periods of inability. Often, overdoing activity can cause a much longer, more severe fatigue state.

What causes CFS?
There may be many different causes for similar CFS symptoms. Our approach treats what we currently believe is the most common cause of the syndrome. This cause that we've identified is a disease process that blocks the nuclear pores inside the cells themselves. You might enjoy reading our blog article Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Solving the Biology.

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Our treatment usually takes 2 to 3 hours over two (and occasionally three) sessions. We use a non-invasive, not drug approach to treating this problem. Our technique triggers healing of this disease process by the body's immune system. Symptom elimination is usually very rapid, approximately one or two hours. Once treatment is over, the client doesn't need significant adjustment time; overnight is sufficient. For most clients, treatment is quick and minimally difficult. This treatment can be done over Skype - a trip to our clinics is not necessary.

You might be interested in reading client testimonials to see if their symptoms sound familiar.

All our work in on a 'pay for results' basis. In other words, if we don't eliminate the symptoms, there is no fee. The price list webpage gives the cost for treatment at our clinics around the world.

Since CFS is described by a collection of symptoms, there is always the possibility that your symptoms are caused by some other disease process (as for example, a bacterial infection such as Lyme's disease) than the one we've identified, causing treatment to fail. However, and fortunately for people with this condition, in our experience so far the fungal disease process we address appears to be the most common cause of the syndrome.


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