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Testimonials and Case Studies for the Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Protocol

Sukh suffered excruciating headaches after a traumatic brain injury

Tina suffered from three severe injuries to the head

Tina's photo
In the beginning of November 2009, I got a concussion after crashing my head hard against a bridge base in a biking accident. For the time following, I struggled with the typical concussion symptoms: nausea, headaches, some memory loss, tiredness. I wasn't able to read, write, or work on the computer without headaches, and my ability to handle visual or auditory stimuli was significantly decreased. The previous year, I had a similar accident, which took me 6 weeks to recover from, so I approached this experience with a great deal of patience.

Previously, I had very positive results healing emotional issues with the Peak States approach, and therefore granted the approach a great amount of credibility. However, I come from a traditional educational background, and so the idea of healing physical concussion symptoms with a non-medical approach was something outside my understanding of the way the world functions. But any doubts I may have had about this melted away as I did the process, and literally felt physical changes in my brain and spinal regions.

On the first day, I only had time to finish the part of the process that dealt with one side of the brain, which gave me the experience of living with one 'processed' half, and one 'unprocessed' half. It was a very strange experience, and one that I had not anticipated. Not only did some of my concussion symptoms disappear, but I could also feel part of me thinking clearer and calmer than another part of me, and I became physically and mentally uncoordinated from the lack of balance between the two parts. Eventually I just laid down because maneuvering through the day in this way was too difficult. After finishing the second part of the process the next day, all my symptoms of concussion disappeared and I found that I was calmer, and clearer thinking than ever before.

In the week that followed, I was preparing for an exam - reading, writing and working on the computer for up to 12 hours a day - without a single concussion symptom!

Looking back on the experience that seemed unlikely before I tried it, I can see it from the sensible side. People have been healing physical symptoms with consciousness approaches for eons, and across cultures. The effect of consciousness on physical health is accepted, although in our western world it is often seen as something mysterious, and untouchable. It has been conceptualized in many different ways: placebo effect, effect of positive attitude, shamanism, voodoo, etc. However, the people of the Peak States Institute have studied the effect of specific ways of using consciousness on physical health scientifically, and have gained some understanding of how it works, and how it can be used purposefully and systematically.

And personally, I am really grateful to have been able to regain my health by using their findings!

Karen suffered slight brain injury as a child
Karen TBI
I understand how frustrating it can be to feel that part of you does not work properly. I had a slight brain injury as a young child, it was undiagnosed and not recognised. As a consequence of this injury, I spent my life struggling to use my logical mind in terms of organising thought processing and accessing thoughts to connect with my speech in a fluent way. On the plus side, I developed my intuition, which I relied on and used.

During my ISPS training to become a more effective therapist, my brain damage was detected and I was given the opportunity to participate in the brain repair protocol, which treats brain damage due to impact or injury to the head (concussion). After completion of the brain repair protocol, I actually cried with the realisation that my logical brain now worked. It's amazing! I was able to talk quicker, connecting and using my left brain and I started stringing logical sentences together. My 11yo even said one day "That is the most intelligent thing I have ever heard you say in my whole life, but I will need to check the facts out with dad."

One day, I started filing some paperwork and found myself able to put everything into a systematic order. I have always found this difficult, and being able to do this meant I was able to be much tidier. This saved my relationship. We used to argue quite regularly about my untidy habits to the extent of talking about a break up. I can't remember the last time we argued about this.

Then my mind started seeing steps I needed to take to achieve my goals. The frustration of my life, of not being able to live out the potential that I know I have inside me, was beginning to disappear. The brain damage had been like a disability to me.

Traumatic Brain Injury case studies

Our Medical Director, Mary Pellicer MD, has collated several case studies of clients that have completed our traumatic brain injury protocol. Click here to view the case studies.

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