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Clinic Price List
January 29, 2014

Prices vary depending on what country you live in, and the specific nature of the client's symptoms. These prices do not include local taxes. We have a 'pay for results' policy on all the work we do.

The prices shown above are the minimum prices we charge for a given problem - after evaluation of the specific client's symptoms, if we feel the client is more complex than average we would quote a higher price. All prices quoted are 'pay for results' only - if we don't meet our written agreement for treatment, there is no fee.

We realize that unfortunately these fees may prohibit some people from undergoing treatments. These prices are needed both to pay staff salaries, and to fund further research into other serious disease conditions - such as severe autism and multiple sclerosis. We hope in the not too distant future that health services will adopt these techniques and that it will be free at the point of delivery. Until then, clients who are happy with their treatment can make a contribution to others receiving the therapy by contributing to an 'angel' fund.

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Revision History
1.1 Jan 29, 2014: Update to the price list to reflect new products, or removed ones that have been transferred to private
PeakStates certified therapists to use.
1.0 November 4, 2009: First draft of the this webpage.