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Our clinics specialize in mental disorders and physical diseases that are considered difficult or impossible to treat using standard medical techniques. The teaching and treatment clinics operated by the Institute for the Study of Peak States are located in Australia, Denmark, Poland, USA and Austria/Germany, with our main office in Canada.

Our clinics focus on just a few serious diseases: Asperger's Syndrome, Lyme disease, Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and other serious conditions such as ADHD, Traumatic brain injury (TBI), 'hearing voices', multiple personality disorder (DID), and something we call 'loss of role/ identity'.

Our processes eliminate the symptoms of these diseases. In fact, we have a 'pay for results' policy; if the symptoms we agree to treat are not eliminated, there is no fee to you, the client.

Our work is based on the discovery that many of the 'incurable' conditions are actually caused by very early trauma at critical developmental events in the client's prenatal growth. We use of proprietary regression technique, Whole-hearted Healing®, to heal this prenatal trauma. The Institute is primarily a research (and teaching) organization; we are also focussed on applying this new approach to other serious diseases. Our current research efforts are in Parkinson's, autism, diabetes, and Covid-19.

We also license techniques to private practice therapists, who use them to treat a very large range of specialized problems in their offices. These include addiction cravings and withdrawal, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and a host of other issues. Our techniques are also used to give their clients various continuous 'peak states' of consciousness such as 'inner peace', 'silent mind', and others.

If you are a therapist or physician, or want more in-depth information on our research or training efforts, we refer you to our main Institute research website. We also publish textbooks for therapists on our work.

All our best,
Shayne McKenzie, CEO
The Institute for the Study of Peak States

April 28, 2014: Added a testimonial on our Chronic Fatigue Syndrome treatment.

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