Voices Treatment FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does it take? How many treatment sessions?
A: The treatment is done in one office visit; then we have a follow-up visit to be sure we healed the problem fully.

Q: What technique do you use for the treatment?
A: Psychological techniques that heal post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) that occurred in pre-natal development.

Q: Is medication used in the treatment?
A: No. We use PeakStates therapy techniques developed specifically for this purpose.

Q: Does the treatment have to be repeated regularly?
A: The results are permanent – the treatment does not have to be repeated.

Q: If my mind is silent, can I still think?
A: Yes. You can still deliberately subvocalize to yourself to rehearse what you want to say to someone; or still recall catchy tunes.

Q: Does the treatment hurt?
A: There can be some brief pain as injuries that were acquired prenatally are re-experienced and eliminated.

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Q: How will I feel between sessions?
A: It is very individual how the clients feel between treatments. Most are free of symptoms after the first treatment; others need the second treatment.

Q: Will follow up treatments be required?
A: No.

Q: What do you mean by saying you ‘charge for results’?
A: Just like it sounds - if the treatment doesn’t work, there is no charge to you.

Q: Will I miss my voices?
A: Even though the voices were a torment for many people, some miss them after they are gone. Fortunately, this distressing feeling can be dissolved, leaving the client feeling peaceful that the voices are gone.

Q: Can I expect to be healed, or does the treatment only help some people?
A: In our testing so far, our treatment works on everyone. However, there is a small possibility that you may also have an unusual, exceptional state of consciousness that allows you to be aware your sub-conscious mind.

Q: Why haven’t I heard about this treatment from my doctor?
A: We expect that it will take years for this new breakthrough to become common knowledge.

Q: Can I quit taking my drugs after treatment?
A: You need to work with your physician with regards to changing your drug treatment. For example, many people experience severe withdrawl symptoms if they abruptly end drug treatment; or your drug treatment may be helping you with a different psychological problem.

Q: Are there any side effects to the treatment?
A: No. However, if the client has a sexual addiction problem, the process is likely to eliminate it also. In some cases, this can cause some adjustment issues afterwards.

Q: If this process really works, why aren’t you famous?
A: The process is still very new, and not many people know of these techniques yet.

Q: If I have more questions, where can I get an answer?
A: you are welcome to phone the clinics, or write us via e-mail.

Q: What is the 'Silent Mind Technique'?
A: That is what we call our voices elimination process.

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