Our Asperger's Syndrome (Autism) Treatment

The PeakStates Clinics treat clients (children or adults) diagnosed with the Asperger's Syndrome form of autism.
We encourage autistic adults, or parents who are interested in having their autistic child participate in our process for eliminating the symptoms of the disorder to contact us. The process has been tested successfully on a number of children ages 6 to 15, as well as on adults.

How do we eliminate the autistic symptoms?
We use state-of-the-art psychological techniques for healing autism-related pre-natal trauma, developed specifically for this purpose. Each client is treated individually with a personalized treatment plan.

The treatment does not involve medication. In fact, there is no need for physical contact between therapist and client. The technique applied during the session is TFT/EFT, where certain meridian points are tapped gently on the parent. The parent is present during the whole session. Normally, results immediately appear (and continue to develop over the following year).

As in any new medical treatment, there is always a risk that unforeseen negative side effects or problems can occur. Although we haven’t seen any side effects to the treatment, you should be aware that this possibility exists.

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Who are suitable for this treatment?
For the moment, we only work with clients who have been diagnosed with some form of autism. If you or your child has multiple diagnoses, please contact the clinic to see if they are suitable for our work.

Where possible, applicants will be called in for an interview at the clinic. Otherwise, we use Skype to do the interview.

We charge for treatment on a ‘pay for results’ basis – we only charge if we are successful in meeting our goals. Prices can vary depending on the particular client. For a rough estimate, see our clinic price list.

About the treatment
We typically do the autism process in a three day residential setting. Before and after treatment, we have the parents fill out autism evaluations (ATEC) and give a written statement on the results for other interested parents.

For further information or questions please contact us at one of the clinics.


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